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Partner With Us

If you have a heart for Revival and would like to sow into what the Lord is doing through Global Fire, please donate using the links below.

Set up a Recurring Donation : Partner Account

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Learn more about our Global Fire Australia initiative here and consider partnering with us for the Billion Soul Mandate.

Click here to donate to Global Fire Australia via wire transfer (Western Union).

The world defines a partnership as a relationship between two or more people or organizations, united for a common purpose or goal, and who share in that goal's risks and profits.

God's definition isn't much different.

When you partner with a ministry, you are partnering with what God is doing through that ministry. You come into agreement with the call of God on the ministers' lives and work of the Holy Spirit through their lives. When you partner, you sow a seed of faith because you've identified that ministry as good ground out of which the Lord, and you, will reap a harvest.

What spiritual benefits does partnership entail?

When you partner with Jeff Jansen and Global Fire Ministries, you are partnering with a ministry birthed out of the Secret Place. It is our belief that time spent in prayer, time spent meditating on the Lord, praising and worshipping him, can bring about personal and global transformation. God invited us to partner with him to spread this message across the world, accompanied by powerful signs, wonders, and healings as a testament to the truth of the word. Now you have an opportunity to parter with God and us to continue sharing the Good News. We are active in the nations! Help us win countless souls to the Kingdom. Click Here to learn more about the Global Fire Australia Missions Base. 

Consider giving monthly at the following levels: 

$25 - Foundation Stone Partner
$50 - Harvester Partner
$100 - Global Impact Partner
$250 - Power Building Partner
$500 - Gold Partner
$1000 - Platinum Partner

Would you like to setup a recurring donation or track your one time donations online? Signup for a free account below to track your giving.

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Global Fire Australia

Want to partner with what God is doing in Australia with Global Fire Ministries?
If you are in America you can give by the following:

Paypal at jeffjansen@globalfireministries.com or Click Here to give online at our website. PLEASE specify that you are giving for the Global Fire Australia Equipping Base


Send a check to:
Global Fire Ministries
5206 St. Ives Drive
Murfreesboro, TN 37128 

If you live in any country besides America, you can also give by Paypal or on our website, OR send a wire transfer via Western Union or your personal bank with the following information:

Account name: Global Fire Australia Ltd
Account number: 345763
Account bsb: 035-006
Swift code: WPACAU2S

One-Time Donations

Click here to Make a One-Time Donation to Global Fire Ministries

Click here to make a one-time donation to the Global Fire Australia Missions Base