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Degenerative arthritis healed!By Staff

I was a skeptic before the conference in Murfreesboro, Tennessee last month, but when we arrived, with the place chock full of worshippers and the music full of the anointing, plus the preaching of Prophet Jerame Nelson, (boy, did he preach hard that night!) I began to nod my head, instead of weighing every word. I finally realized that I had had a broken spirit and was filled with Religiosity while I was listening to each speaker. 

I was really convinced when God washed His Holy Spirit over me during worship the second day. All I could do was nod and let the tears flow freely, my hands raised and my heart open to His compassionate ministering. Then Jeff Jansen told all to say to their neighbor, "You're in the right place." And boy, did I know that!

On to the actual healing I received: we were prompted to touch the areas we were hurting in, and a prayer was spoken. then all those who were healed were asked to come up and testify. I didn't, but somewhere after that first night and the second day, I was healed of degenrative arthritis in my left thigh joint! I could barely walk before that, and today I am still healed! I have absolutely no pain!

To God be the Glory! For He truly has done great things!

-Teresa W