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Glaucoma Healed

While in Cincinnati, Ohio several years ago, I had just been diagnosed with glaucoma. I was shocked to hear I could potentially go blind. Jeff called me out, identified the glaucoma, and instructed me to stand in the aisle while he released an anointing for healing. Without any hands being laid on me, I went down under the power. He released a word saying the devil was trying to take my natural sight because I am a seer. Also, he addressed my fears saying I would never go blind. I love the powerful prophetic and healing gift flowing from Jeff! I’ve been standing on that word every time I started to doubt or fear. I just visited the doctor and watched them pull up my old pictures and files comparing them to my current visit. Finally, the doctor said the best words I could possibly hear. You don’t have glaucoma!!! PRAISE GOD!!! Thank you, God Bless you.

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