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"Mahanaim" The Dance Between Two Armies

Angelic Visitations We're in a season where many are encountering the angels of God. There has never been more books cd's or material written on the subject of angels or angelic visitations than in this last season. It is undoubtedly one of the most controversial subjects in Christendom today, however it is God who is pulling back the veil between heaven and earth and is allowing us to see and experience fresh downloads of revelation from His presence. Then Jacob went on his way, and God's angels met him. When Jacob saw them, he said, "This is God's army"! So he named that place "Mahanaim."(Genesis 32:1-2) Song of Solomon 6:13 explains it like this, as upon a "dance between two armies" or a "dance of Mahanaim" "Mahanaim; the dance between two armies."

We all know and are familiar with the account of Jacob having a prophetic encounter in a dream where he saw a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven. On this ladder he saw the angels of God ascending and descending on it! (Genesis28:12) A few short verses later Jacob refers to this heavenly "ladder" as the "Gateway to heaven" (Genesis 28:17). This gateway was a literal portal that reached from over the top of Jacob into the Third heaven. It says Jacob was allowed to see the angels of God "in a dream."

Angels Ascending and Descending

Like Jacob the ministry of Jesus is clearly marked with the presence of angels. Jesus told Nathanael; You shall see greater things than this! I tell you all, you shall see heaven opened up and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man! This was more than just a dream! Jesus was telling the disciples they would literally see the heavens open and the angels of God pouring out upon the earthly ministry of the Son of Man. The angels were clearly there to minister with Jesus as well as to minister to Him.

Open Heavens

I find it interesting that Jesus referred to the same experience Jacob had of seeing "the "Heavens Opened" and the angels of God were ascending and descending on the Son of Man! (John 1:51). "When the heavens open we get the attention of heaven". The literal "Eye of God" is on us (Psalm 33:18 / 34:15) the and it seems that everything we do turns to life. Prosperity breaks out everywhere. Health, finances, reconciliation of loved ones all kinds of things happen because He sets his love upon us!! This is nothing more than the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 1-12 which says; "the Lord your God will set you high above the nations (FAVOR) of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and OVERTAKE you if you heed the voice to the Lord your God. You'll be blessed in the city, blessed in the field, blessed shall be the fruit of your body and the fruit of your ground and of the fruit of your beasts, the increase of your cattle and the your flock. You shall be blessed in your basket. Those who rise up against you to defeat you will be scattered seven ways. THE LORD SHALL COMMAND THE BLESSING UPON YOU IN YOU STOREHOUSE AND IN ALL THAT YOU TAKE IN. Verse 12; The Lord shall OPEN TO YOU HIS GOOD TREASURY...(storehouses) EVEN THE HEAVENS...(miracles, healings, favor, finances, etc) to give the rain of your land in its season and bless all the work of your hands; And you shall lend to many nations and you shall not borrow. And the Lord shall make you the HEAD, and not the tail,(the part that leads and not follows) and you shall be ABOVE ONLY, and you shall not be beneath... THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO HAVE THE EYE OF GOD ON YOU WITH AN OPEN HEAVEN!!

Anyway back to Jacob... Lets look at what happened to Jacob in just a few short chapters from Genesis 28. Between Genesis 28 and Genesis 32 we find that Jacob has been under the strong oppressive hand of his father in law Laban and after approximately 14 years is now leaving that country with his family servant's cattle sheep goats and possessions. Genesis 31:55-32:2 And early in the morning Laban rose up and kissed his grandchildren and his daughters and pronounced a blessing on them. Then Laban departed and returned to his home. Immediately Jacob went on his way, and God's angels met him. When Jacob saw them, he said, "This is God's army"! So he named that place "Mahanaim" or "Two Armies" What's this? The angels of God are now appearing to Jacob in a Physical form!! Again we see in Song of Solomon 6:13 that "Mahanaim" is referred to as a dance before two armies. So Jacob went from dreaming about the angels of God in Genesis 28 to Physically seeing and dancing with them in Genesis 32! How many want to dance with the angels of God physically. Jacob did!! Growing in spiritual maturity is often marked with great increase in spiritual reality. When Jacob was younger in the Lord he dreamed about angels. Now older and more mature in the Lord Jacob encounters them in the natural as friends and help from heaven and he dances with them.

Many are in the season of rapid growth and change and are beginning to experience powerful visitations of the Lord. Many have been in extended seasons of being tried and tested in the "fires of affliction" and are coming out of their "desert experiences" only to find that much like Jacob they've been prepared by the Lord for power ministry and prophetic encounters from heaven. Two Angels with Silver Trumpets I recently had a powerful experience that had brought great increase into my life.

Six weeks ago I was awaken at the evening by the blast of a loud trumpet. Standing in front of me were two angels each having silver trumpets. The angel on my left blew the first trumpet in my left ear which initially awoke me. I lay on bed trembling from the powerful presence of God. Even though my eyes were closed and I could not open them I still saw everything as though my eyes were wide open. The angel on my right began to blow his trumpet in my right ear and a physical "Hot" wind entered my ear and went deep into my spirit. Immediately I began lifting up off of my bed and went through the roof and above my house. We went past the stars and what seemed like through the atmosphere into a place or a room in heaven called the "the Room of Intercession". This was a physical experience!! The Spirit of God was vibrating through me in this room and I was hearing worship coming out of my mouth. "You are so beautiful" You are so worthy. You are some holy... The sound was beautiful and powerful. At one point I realized there were two voices coming out of my mouth. mine and the Lords. These angels were still with me. Again I reiterate this experience was physical best to my recollection. Like Paul whether I was in the body or out of the body I don't know. But it seemed completely physical to me. This encounter lasted for quite some time and into the next day.

When talking with Bob Jones about the experience he said this same thing happened to him when he was about 9 years old in Arkansas. While walking down a country road by his house between two corn fields a man on a white horse rode up to Bob and stopped in front of him. Bob said this man pulled out a "silver trumpet" and blew it in his face and then proceeded to tell him God had called him to be a prophet to the nations! The man said his name was "Gabriel"! Bob asked me if I knew who he was. I said I think I have a pretty good idea. I don't know if it was Gabriel or not standing before me blowing a silver trumpet in my face at 11:22 p.m. that Saturday evening. But I do know that from that time on the revelation I've been walking in has been unmatched in my experience as well as the miracles healings and works of power. There was a clear increase in power and authority that came as a direct result of this "Physical Visitation" I was awaken at 11:22p.m.

Psalm 112:2 says; "His offspring shall be mighty upon the earth; the generation of the upright shall be blessed". Joel 2:22 says; "Be not afraid, you wild beasts of the field, for the pastures of the wilderness have sprung up and are GREEN; the tree bears its fruit, and the fig tree and the VINE YIELD THEIR FULL STRENGTH! The Lord is now releasing a tried proven GREEN people who are coming out of the wilderness, out of the pastures of Psalm 23 haven been lying down in GREEN pastures. Their heads are anointed with fresh GREEN OIL and are coming out of their wilderness places YIELDING THEIR FULL STRENGTH!! This corporate anointed body of overcoming believers will do all of the great exploits of the Kingdom of God. Like Joshua and Caleb they are of "another Spirit" and they will not forget the awesome and miraculous works of the Lord. It's this Joshua type individual that will stand at the crest of Jordan and God will magnify them in the sight of all the people like He did with Moses. The command will come from them and the Lord will cause the Jordan to open up so the people can pass through on dry ground. These individuals had learned the necessity of "lingering in the presence of God" like both Joshua son of Nun did (Exodus 33:11) and Samuel the young boy in 1 Samuel 3. These individual have learned that the wilderness place is a place set by God for the Lord to download Himself into them. It's here that all kinds of powerful visitations come as well as the increases in power and understanding. It's here that heaven and earth begin to dance together for the purposes of God to be fulfilled. This is where Mahanaim begins!

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