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Rainbows & Healing

Praise the Lord!

I visited September 22, and Sept. 29, 2013. My son was with me on September 29, 2013. On October 9, 2013, I started seeing rainbows in the air. I thought that it was on the car ahead of me so I took a picture of it. When I left St. Louis October 12th to go to Dallas, Texas, I saw the rainbow again but it was nothing ahead of me; it was in the air in my vision. I left Dallas and went to Houston to visit my son and I saw three rainbows together; I took a picture. The first picture that I took in St. Louis showed that there was no rainbow in the picture, it showed a Cross with gold around the top of it and at the bottom. The picture depicts a big ball of Glory in the center of the Cross. The picture in Houston shows a ball of light instead of a rainbow.

I stayed in Texas because I knew that Pastor Jeff would be in Fort Worth. I was lead by God to go there. Pastor Jeff prayed for me and what he said about my son being 27 is true and he said that my son was called to preach the Gospel which is also true because that is the third time I heard that this year. Pastor Jeff said that I needed a miracle in my body; all kinds of enemies where attacking my body this year; I did not want to call out there names because I did not want to give them place. My feet kept burning this year, I had pains attacking my body in different places even in my chest; sometimes the pain struck the left side and sometimes the right. I was attacked by so many people within the past year. I couldn't understand why the people didn't know that they were doing wrong; I still continued to get closer to worship God. My encounter with Global Fire blessed me so much until it changed my entire life. I don't have those problems that I mentioned. I rejoice because I didn't know what was going to happen when I saw Pastor Jeff in Fort Worth; I just knew that I needed to go where he was. I will never be the same. My friends were in awe when they saw what God had done. I love you guys, I will bring my friends Sunday.

Thank you.

Trudy S.

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