The 30 Year Word of the "End Time Army of God" is Coming to Pass

The 30 Year Word of the "End Time Army of God" is Coming to Pass

Bob Jones' 1979 Vision of the Sands of Time

As all of us are already aware, we are in a season of great ups and downs in the nations of the earth. There are great uncertainties of our time which cause great tensions due to the lack of clarity for the future. At the same time, we are in one of the most spiritually pivotal and progressive seasons we've been in for a long time. All can feel the spiritual tectonic plates ready to give way to a season of the new on many levels, including revival. Wherever there are great tensions, there is great power.

All this being said, there are prophetic meters that have been given to us to measure where we are at in these times through credible voices – and without a doubt, one of the most constant of these credible voices I know, unarguably, is Bob Jones. For many decades now, Bob Jones has accurately brought the word of the Lord to churches, cities, regions and leaders globally with detailed accuracy. Before us there is a 30-year word from Bob that is getting ready to come to pass, which I feel is most urgent – we need to hear it and understand it as it will encourage many. In short, here it is:

Back in January of 1979, the Lord took Bob into a vision to a place by the sea and called it the "Sands of Time." Bob said he saw great leaders, apostles and prophets that were representatives in their generations sticking their hands down into the sands to bring up what looked like old shoe boxes. As each one did, Bob could hear them say, "Is this the time? ...Are the promises for now?" With each of the leaders there was nothing in the box, as the promises weren't for their generation.

Then the Lord told Bob to reach down into the sands of time to pull up a box, but Bob said, "Lord, they are all empty," but the Lord told Bob to open up the shoe box anyway. As Bob opened his box he was surprised to see draft notices in it. They said, "Greetings, you have been drafted into the Army of God." Then the Lord told Bob:

"I will begin to send these letters out to My leaders when it costs twenty cents to mail a letter." At the time of the vision, it cost only eleven cents to mail a letter; no one ever thought that the price would go up again. But on October 13, 1981, it cost twenty ce