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This is one of those moments when it is time to let the light breakthrough into the dark places of the unseen world. As a prophetic voice, in these days of uncertainty, I detected the need and felt the compulsion to look through the seeds of time and unveil what I found in the unseen world.


Back to the future, we go. Spinning backward in time, rediscovering the Unseen World takes you on a journey to the beginning of all things. In this place you are introduced to these major characters in the unseen realm: God, the Angels, the Satan, the Divine Council, the Watchers, Giants, and Enoch.


Two worlds are at war with each other in one-on-one clashes and territorial battles in the "unseen world". The nations are under siege as angelic tensions rise to its Zenith as the heavenly warfare escaltes. From the dark days of Herman, the human family has been under attack. However, God had a secret plan to reverse the curse and bring back the King.

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Exploring the Unseen World

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