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On this CD Jeff shares the testimony of how he was awakened at 11:22 p.m. into a phsical encounter with two angels. Both angels had silver trumpets and proceeded to blow them in Jeff's face immediately thrusting him out of his body and into a place in heaven called the "Room of Intercession."


This heavenly encounter was followed by another wonderful visitation of the Lord at a large conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. As you listen you'll hear the testimony of individuals who encountered a personal visitation of Jesus in the face of a beloved brother. Bob Jones strongly validates this heavenly messenger as a strong sign to the body of Christ of things to come.


These encounters have brought increase in power, revelation and healing anointing in Jeff's ministry. This message will help you to develop a deeper hunger for intimacy with the Holy Spirit and bring you into a place of more freely experiencing the manifest presence of God.

The Visitation Digital Download

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