A statement from the Leadership Team, Board, and Advisors of
Global Fire Ministries
May 5, 2021


It is with deep sorrow that Jeff Jansen has been asked by his board to step down as Co-Senior Leader of Global Fire Ministries and Global Fire Church due to unscriptural and unbiblical behavior.


Due to a pattern of making poor moral choices, and bad coping mechanisms, character flaws became obvious which disqualified Jeff from New Testament leadership. His lifestyle in the home, traveling on the road, and in the House of God, has fallen below Biblical standards laid out for those in leadership. He has been confronted concerning these flaws numerous times over a period of time.


Rather than submit to the process of healing and restoration, Jeff recently made an intentional decision to leave his wife and family to pursue his own desires. 


Any pursuit of further ministry on Jeff’s behalf is not under the umbrella and blessing of Global Fire Ministries.

Your prayers for all are greatly appreciated!


Global Fire Leadership Team, Board, and Advisors

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