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13-year-old Healed

Can't Praise God enough for the supernatural healing my (13 yr old) son Michael Mack received at the Glory conference at Impact Ministries in Detroit, under my pastor Bishop Wayne T. Jackson. My son missed the last 3 months of 8th grade middle school due to chronic abdominal cramps and stabbing pains along with terrible nausea, and insomnia. After much prayer, fasting, praise, health supplements, colonoscopy, endoscope, emergency rooms, and standing on God's covenant no relief after four months, until Bro. Jeff Jansen came to Detroit, and ushered in the Glory of the Lord in praise and worship and adoration to the Lord. My family truly loves and appreciate you so much Bro. Jeff. The last four months of our lives have been unbelievable. Terrible to watch your son suffer and ask "Why is this happening to me" and say, "Please make this go away; I can't take anymore; mom, help me; Lord have mercy on my soul" and all you can do is pray and encourage him that God loves him and has a special plan and purpose for his life, while waiting for the manifestation of the healing. Well, Praise God, Michael is back to the praying, loving and caring young man of God that he has always been. Mike and I were able to sow a seed into your ministry and I am believing God for my business contracts multiplying so that we can continue to be a blessing to your ministry as well. Praise God for your great dedication and sacrifice to the Lord to impact the lives of so many; even this world. May God continue to pour you out upon his people and give you your hearts desire. 

Thank you so much, Blessed Man of God! Blessings to you and your Family, Always, in Jesus Name! 

Love, Carol & Michael God Made Millionaires!

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