Acceleration in the Glory of God

The Lord showed me recently in an encounter how time is running out and eternity is rushing in! In this experience I began to understand how, in the Book of Amos, the plowman could overtake the reaper—the eternal realm was literally overtaking time in the natural! As the body of Christ, we are standing at the threshold of a new era—the brink of a new age. The power for acceleration is in the timeless realm of God's Glory! When the realm of the Glory of God moves into the realm of the natural, there comes a great acceleration for miracles, healings, signs and wonders, and the release of creative power. Nearly 2,000 years ago, the author of the book of Hebrews exhorted the Jewish Christians to leave the elementary teachings and principles about Christ; urging them to press forward into maturity (see Hebrews 6:1). Friends, today I urge you, to come before the very throne of God with boldness and confidence—stepping into maturity—as you encounter new realms of the Glory of God.

These are the days when the Glory of God is being revealed in, and through, the body of Christ. The Glory of this latter house will truly be greater than the former (see Haggai 2:9). There is a corporate remnant, an overcoming body of believers, a Rising Glory Generation that will rise to new levels of kingly authority, and administrate the dominion of the Kingdom of God with great power, as it steps into the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ. This remnant is the new man coming forth in the earth. We are about to see the full manifestation of the resurrection power of Jesus, as this body rises to maturity!

In order for us to step into spiritual maturity, I believe it's essential that we first learn how to cultivate an atmosphere of God's presence in our individual lives through devotion, prayer, holiness, and humility. Secondly, we must learn how to corporately usher in the cloud of glory through high praise, worship, and faith. And thirdly, for us to step into maturity, we must learn how to operate in, and from, the realm of glory. This means receiving revelation by faith, through vision and imagination while in the glory, and also speaking and declaring the word of God from the realm of glory. In this article I'll primarily cover the last two: corporately cultivating an atmosphere of glory, and operating from the realm of glory.

Seeds of Destiny are Ready For Reaping

The Lord has shown me that we are in this time of acceleration; we have stepped into Amos 9:13—"...the plowman will overtake the reaper." All of eternity is pouring into the present causing us to accelerate forward. Seeds that have been sown in the past, seeds of destiny, both good and evil, are full-grown and ready for reaping. As the realm of eternity is meshed with the present, we are witnessing a culmination of events—loose ends are being tied up before the return of Christ. Things that would normally take ten years to happen will only take ten months—even ten weeks! There is a rapid maturity taking place in the body of Christ as the cloud of His presence descends and blankets us corporately. This season is not simply coming—it is here!

Right now, through the Glory, God is releasing mandates, mantles, and miracles—the spirits of might and multiplication are being poured out on the believing body of Christ all over the earth, for the purpose of world harvest. In these days we will witness unparalleled demonstrations of the Kingdom of Power and Glory. Additionally, in this time, the Lord is requiring that His people be set apart for His plans and purposes—extreme obedience and passionate purity are essential. Lifestyles of radical worship and faith are the f