Balance Between Heaven & Earth - Update!

[as edited by Eric Green]

I believe we are in a major transition in the body of Christ and the old ways that once served a purpose are coming to a close and God is bringing to the forefront a new order for a new day. It's not that God has changed His mind on the issues, but rather the old must make room for the new to come. The Lord has been speaking to both Jan and myself through visions and dreams and the Holy Spirit is releasing a fresh word to the body of Christ for what is at the door.

The Spirit of Issachar

Jan Jansen

Recently the Lord came to me in a night vision while I was walking down a country road. He was driving a red convertible sports car and said to me, "Get in"; so of course I did. As we drove, He began to tell me how important it was to discern the times and seasons we are in. He continued speaking and said, "I'm now giving you the spirit of Issachar, so you will know what to do with the times and seasons and how to respond in each of them" (see 1 Chronicles 12:32).

We continued down a long and straight road that had evergreen trees on both sides. When we came to the end of the road, He asked me to get out. He pointed to the horizon and said, "Look." As I gazed at the gorgeous horizon all around me, heaven and earth were completely synchronized and aligned perfectly. He told me that this is what perfect balance and harmony between heaven and earth looked like. He explained that in everything there must be balance. He told me that the church has been out of balance, but He would be restoring it in the coming season.

Webster's dictionary says balance it to "equal or equalize" and is "a means of judging or deciding." The Lord made it clear that this judging and deciding period coming upon us in the very near future was to restore balance in the body.

The Plumb-Line for the New Temple Jeff Jansen