Come up to Me in the Mountain... and be there

The Word of the Lord to the Church is "Come up to Me in the Mountain... and be there."

[as edited by Eric Green]

The Mountain Summit

In this day and hour, the body of Christ is feeling the upward draw to come near to the throne of God. For years now it has been about, "Oh God, rend the heavens and come down!" But now, the word of the Lord to the church is, "Come up into the Mountain of the Lord's presence... and be there." It's in the presence of the Lord that radical transformation occurs—body, soul, and spirit—and we gain a fresh perspective of being seated in heavenly places with Christ. We need transformation in the earth! However, this will only happen by first having our perspectives radically changed as we encounter the presence of the Lord on the Mountain.

In generations past, there have been men and women who've crossed the boundaries of acceptable Christianity into the realm of experiential communion with the living Christ. They tasted of the good word and the power of the Kingdom age (see Hebrews 6:5), and raised the bar for what a Spirit-filled son could experience on this side of eternity. The Glory that the few of them touched as they pressed forward in desperation is now placed within the reach of a generation. The mysteries, miracles, signs and wonders that were available to some are now available to all.

So now, the upward call is for all to come into the Mountain of the Lord's presence to behold His beauty and be transformed by His Glory. God wanted the whole nation of Israel to come into His presence, but He only permitted a few:

God said to Moses, Come up to the Lord, you and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu [Aaron's sons], and seventy of Israel's elders, and worship at a distance. Moses alone shall come near the Lord; the others shall not come near, and neither shall the people come up with him. Moses came and told the people all that the Lord had said and all the ordinances; and all the people answered with one voice, All that the Lord has spoken we will do. Moses wrote all the words of the Lord. He rose up early in the morning and built an altar at the foot of the mountain and set up twelve pillars representing Israel's twelve tribes. And he sent young Israelite men, who offered burnt offerings and sacrificed peace offerings of oxen to the Lor