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Financial Miracle


I have been attending Global Fire for a couple months now - and i attended the entire "Event" last week - it was awesome!!! i have a testimony about that too- where i gave a sacrificial offering & God awesomely blessed!! I actually felt like the Lord wanted me to give $500.00 at the conference so i did - but it was my $ i saved to move into another apt/house - so now my daughter & I are living in the Murfreesboro motel - a blessing actually because i was laid off in Dec. but the unemployment people would not approve my claim for some reason but i called them & they approved it and are releasing all the past $ they owe me !!!! approx. $3,900 God is awesome & all that for a meager five hundred! God said it was all a timing issue & of course to stretch my me of little faith self- anyway I said all that as a testimony. God is changing many situations in my life right now- faith is definitely being stretched I love the church - my new church!

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