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Get Ready for New Levels in the Glory


There are great destiny doors that have opened this year offering the church new opportunities for incredible spiritual advancement into the supernatural. We have crossed a threshold in God's timeline and the Glory of God is now being revealed with power and demonstration. We have had great forerunning mothers and fathers that have imparted much to us, and the wisdom of God is that we gain from them what was imparted. Just as Azusa street marks the 100 year anniversary of a destiny door that has reopened, so there are other time - synchronized spiritual doors that have opened to us THIS YEAR!

On January 16th,1956, during the height of the great tent revivals that swept America and the world, William Branham stood up in the church of Philadelphia in Chicago, Illinois and prophesied that "America had turned down her opportunity with the Lord". Because William Branham was the forerunning prophetic voice of the day, the tent revivals and the move of the Holy Spirit literally stopped at this word. They were offered an incredible opportunity into the supernatural flow of the Holy Spirit at that critical juncture that would carry the body further down the road in revival, but America missed her opportunity. She refused Gods offer! 50 years later On January 16th, 2006, this 50 year destiny door was reopened and another opportunity has been offered to this generation. 50 is Jubilee!! The Lord has called this door a "Golden Jubilee". This invitation must be understood and apprehended as we pass through the doors of destiny and encounter the Lord in genuine and experiential ways.


There are many that have been desperate for the new move of God. God promises to fill those who hunger and thirst and we're beginning to see the manifestation of our holy desperation. Those who seek the new will find the new. For a move of God to be a move of God - it has to keep moving. The Lord told the children of Israel to follow the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. When it moves... you move. Sadly many have become content with past revivals or moves and when God begins to move again they are simply satisfied with the level of anointing they have and never move on to the next level. Bob Jones recently had an encounter with an angel called Breakthrough Revival. This angel told Bob many things about the coming Glory revival. He said he had been in the United States for the past two years preparing the way for the greatest revival to ever sweep America. Stadiums will not be big enough to contain the harvest that will come in. The angel shouted three words at Bob...MOVE, MOVE, MOVE. In order to get heaven and the angels to move with us we must first move.

This year as we have moved out in the Lord we've seen an amazing increase of signs and wonders such as dental miracles and gold teeth, gold dust, healing of cars and bank accounts, gems appearing in our meetings, glory clouds forming, diamonds in rings supernaturally increase and break the settings, supernatural weight loss, healing of all kinds of sicknesses and diseases and multiple other wonderful displays of Glory. As we've been moving to press into the new, God has been meeting us. The Lord told me at the beginning of the year that I couldn't outrun this Glory Train, and believe me we've been trying!


We must rise into the new levels of Glory. I've heard it said that it's a form of insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result! We must rise up into the new if we are to expect the new! Isaiah 60:1-5 says "Arise to a NEW life ... Shine ... for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. The Lord promises If we will get up and begin to move into Him, that He will SHINE on us. Verse 5 says, "Then you shall see and be radiant and your heart shall thrill and tremble with joy". Are you hungry? Do you want to THRILL and TREMBLE with joy? Recently we've been rejoicing over an incredible increase of Glory that's been happening in Coeur D' Alene Idaho. Last month the Gateway Christian Fellowship hosted the Glory Explosion meetings with Joshua Mills, David Herzog and myself. Within the last week a member of their congregation who gets covered with gold dust almost daily has been receiving gemstones as a token sign of God's promise to release new levels of Glory. A few days ago as he was coming home from work, his wife met him on the front porch at about 4PM as she does every day. He stepped out of the truck with his lunch box as he has for many years and as he closed the truck door, he noticed laying on the ground a beautiful large lavendar stone. He shouted "What's this?" His wife said "I saw something fall out of the sky as you opened the truck door, I thought you threw something". As they examined the stone it appeared to be a diamond. Excited, they called the pastors and others and went to the church to take photos and to talk about what this could mean. The stone is being examined by a gemologist but it weighs 50 carats! 50 is Jubilee!! They had scarcely gotten over the excitement of this event when it happened again. This time they were sitting on the front porch talking about a dream, when they saw with their open eyes - an angel swoop down in front of them and drop five more stones. Each of these stones weighed 50 carats each. Three of the stones are lavendar, one is pink, one white,and one red. Obviously there is much to gather from all of this supernatual activity, but the one thing is clear to all is that we have entered into a new place of release in the Glory of God.


Kenneth Hagen prophesied in 2003 that the year 2006 would be the year of the return of the Glory of God. There are many time -synchronized destiny doors that have all pointed to 2006 being the year of Glory. The question is ... are you hungry for the new? Do you want God no matter how he shows up? Will you not be offended when He comes in a way you haven't expected? Get ready for great increase in the supernatual. Get ready for great explosions of power. Get ready for new levels in the Glory of God like you have never experienced or heard of before. This is the season for it. Jesus said "Blessed is he who is not offended in me" (Luke 7:22-23). I'm telling you now that God is presenting this Glory Revival in a way that will attract only the desperate and hungry. The hungry always seem to see what God is doing in the strangest of circumstances because they are able to look past the natural to see by the Spirit. We must judge by one thing and one thing alone...... The anointing! ... 1 John 2:20 - says "But you have been anointed by the Holy One, and you know all things"! This year we say YES to the Lord. We will not resist Him again. This is the year we fully embrace and experience the new waves of Glory of God.

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