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Glory Rising

A testimony after reading Jeff's book Glory Rising

Hi folks , I am in Melbourne Australia. Until couple of weeks ago I had never heard of Jeff. I noticed his books on Elijah list. I woke one morning and knew I had to at least have a look at the book reviews on Elijah list (jeff's). Was impressed to buy 'Glory rising' at local bookshop.Before this I had spent most of a day praying that I would be able to accept the books teaching(at Gods instruction)I have to say that it is the most supernatural book I have ever read and had a deep impact on me and I have read hundreds over the years.Funnily enough there was something that I have not been able to accept but I just put it in the to hard basket and carried on. The book has become a major turning point in my life and I think God is going to take me deeper yet from it. I can't fully explain it but a few times after reading I would have the impression almost of Jeff being there in the room in the Spirit. I think you are mentoring me even though we have never met. I have been waiting a lot of years for this ministry so thanks for your commitment to the Lord and the Gospel.

Ross T.

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