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God is Restoring a Womb

Hi. I have been wanting to attend one of your services for awhile now, but the timing didn't work out until this past Tuesday. Right before New Year's, I suffered a miscarriage. With the increase that I was walking into, I knew that this was a deliberate act of retaliation from the enemy. In many ways, God has used it to soften and mold my heart so beautifully and yet I was still dealing with the grief and questioning that miscarriage entails. Long story short, I came to your meeting on Tuesday evening. The message was awesome and confirmation to everything I had been working through in my spirit. As well, Jeff called out a word of knowledge at the end that entailed this: "God is restoring a womb. You're going to have your baby! You stole a prophet; you're going to pay for that!" Though I realize this word of knowledge could have been for several people in the room, it was definitely for me. I sat in my chair weeping, glory heavy on my entire body. As if that wasn't enough for God to show me His love through this word, it got better. I had breastmilk let down about 30 seconds after the word was released. Double confirmation. God is so awesome! Not only has this powerfully released restoration for me, but the story gets better...again! After I got home, a friend of mine came to mind. This friend had received a powerful word from Jeff about 6 years ago in Cincinnati. She was actually the one from whom I first heard of this ministry. I called her and asked her about what he had prayed over her a few years ago; I felt something brewing over it. She went back to her journals to find the word. It was Zechariah 3; which is what Jeff preached on this past Tuesday! I proceeded to share the message with her that he gave, as well as my word of knowledge, believing that she would also receive impartation for the healing of her womb (she has been infertile). Amazing! I just wanted to say thank you. I'm sure your ministry has been going through warfare, as all of us are, and I am so thankful for your obedience to move forward into what God has for you and everyone who encounters you. Blessings to you!!

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