Great Increase in Spiritual Knowledge is Coming Now from the Presence of the Lord

Jan and I recently returned home from a series of meetings in California and Toronto,Canada where we witnessed and experienced great demonstrations of the Holy Spirit of God in ways I've never seen before. We've noticed a marked increase in physical healings along with healings of every manner of emotional and mental weakness and oppression being broken off of people in powerful and dramatic ways. People hungry for the presence of the Lord are coming to these gatherings to rid themselves once and for all of the weight of oppression and affliction that has kept them down and feeling like they are unusable and unworthy of the Kingdom of God. We witnessed close to 150 people in Toronto going through mass deliverance at the alter being cleansed healed and reignited for God.


Most had been carrying these oppressions and afflictions for years and even decades. As we ministered to individuals, many were delivered from mental and emotional oppression, which in turn resulted in the release of specific physical healings. So we noted that as the Lord brought deliverance to individuals from the strongholds of the mind, the end result would be further healing in their physical bodies directly related to the stronghold of mental oppression or affliction that was broken off of them first.

In Truckee, California just 3 days prior to being in Toronto, the Lord delivered and healed many from mental afflictions who had suffered nearly all their lives. That night there were individuals who testified of physical healings such a Scoliosis, compression fractures, compacted discs, asthma, COPD and others, but even more interestingly, over the coarse of the next 7 to 10 days reports came in from pastors about others coming forward and testifying of physical healings as well. Many stated that they felt the power of God surge into their bodies instantly in the meeting, freeing them from mental confusion and anxiety, but several days later, they received physical healings from infirmities. As spiritual blocks were being broken off, natural blockages that brought on physical sickness could no longer stay. The natural process of "flow" resumed in the body which in turn resulted in physical healings! We truly are "Fearfully and wonderfully made,"(Psalm 139:14)


As I look back over the past season it's clear that the Lord has had us dealing with the mindsets of individ