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Midwest Convergence Report

While seeking the Lord in preparation for the Midwest Convergence a few weeks ago, I was taken into a prophetic encounter where I heard the steady beat of war drums over the Midwest and saw many warring and harvesting angels being released over key states. I heard a trumpet sound as a clarion call for the church to awake and arouse herself from sleep. As it blew over the region I knew that it was the proclamation of a new release and rein of the Kingdom of Heaven and authority on the earth. The Lord was re-awakening a sleeping giant (the Body of Christ) into recognition of her true identity and inheritance in Christ.

I saw an earthquake-like vein or circuit run through the ground in the shape of a lightning bolt that spread from North Dakota to New Jersey and then fork off and split into Northern New York. The Lord is arousing the Body of Christ from a spirit of slumber and she is waking up and shaking off the old mindsets of the past that have kept her in bondage. Jesus is wanting us to open the door to intimacy with Him so He can reveal Himself to us. "Behold I stand at the door and knock ; if anyone hears and listens to and heeds My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will "sup" with him and he with Me." There is a new Kingdom reign knocking at the door and we must open the door of invitation as intimate sons into "Supping" or fellowshipping with the Lord and rightly display with substance and evidence the Kingdom of Heaven that is at hand! 

Mathew 4:17

During the conference in Cincinnati we saw a marked increase in power and revelation. We're still awaiting the many confirmations of healings that took place but without a doubt there was an upscale release of power for miracles and healings. We took many testimonies from individuals that received healings in their bodies after going through the Fire Tunnel on Friday night, and also miracles that took place after the healing wave was released on Saturday night. Conservatively we could say that of the 1500 people that attended the conference there were more than 200 notable healings! The Lord was clearly demonstrating His love and affection toward us and it was clear to all that He was again extending an invitation for us to rise up and take our rightful place as heirs and inheritors of the Kingdom of God! Galatians 4:1; "Now what I mean is that as long as the inheritor (heir) is a child and under age, he does not differ from a slave, although he is the master of all the estate; v. 7 Therefore, you are no longer a slave (bond servant) but a son; and if a son, then an heir!" God is awakening this sleeping giant into the realization of his true inheritance.This emerging maturing son will possess "all things" in Christ because he is Christ's and Christ is God's.

1 Corinthians 3:21-23


Bob Jones had a very similar word and prophetic encounter where in a vision he saw a great man who in the past had fallen to sleep. He was laying on his back half covered in dirt and his name was Gulliver. Little people from a place of little input had completely tied him down and he was waking up from being asleep for the past 38 years. We can also call him the Body of Christ. Bob saw that the head of this very large man was in Cleveland Ohio in a place called "Jacob's field". It was full of high school and college age youth. The 2005 Shepherd's Rod says that this is the year of Jacob (Psalm 44:4). We need to get a vision for the youth coming in great numbers in harvest in Cleveland!

The next thing Bob saw was a large center pole of a tent coming up out of Columbus Ohio. This was his heart. Powerful signs and wonders will come up out of Columbus greater than we've ever seen before that will look like a canopy over the region. Explosions of miracles and healings will be the hallmark of this city. Cincinatti was the place where the reproductive organs were. Reproducing of the Kingdom will be evidenced here in priestly and kingly anointing. The left hand of this large man was in Philadelphia, which had teaching and great love in it. The right hand extended West and came to rest in Indianapolis, Indiana. It began to flex and the cords that were around it to keep it tied down were beginning to snap off like rubber bands. The left foot was in Charlotte, North Carolina and there was "great television" with it so they "Tell-a-vision" in preaching the gospel all around the world. This will come through media. The right foot was in Nashville, Tennessee where great faith is beginning to raise up.

This great man finally began to get up breaking off all restraints planting both of his feet in Atlanta, Georgia. God means to take Ohio then move over to Indianapolis and up into Illinois crossing over into the east and finally standing completely upright in Atlanta. The Lord told Bob that to take Atlanta would mean capturing the whole south. The Lord is looking for the Body of Christ to keep it's head focused in the heavens above and it's body fixed on the earth below walking out the Kingdom mandate with all convincing demonstrations. We need to be reconnected with the Head (Jesus Christ) so we can act out on the earth the strategy of heaven with all power and authority! "Let us grow up in every way, (Spiritual Maturity) and in all things into Him Who is the Head, even Christ."

Ephesians 4:15.

We as the body must grow up in every way and stay connected to the Head which is Christ.


On the last night of the conference as Bob Jones was sitting on the front row, something fell out of the heavens and hit him on the left cheek bone directly under his eye. Brad McClendon saw it and said it looked like a drop of liquid gold. Bob said this golden tear drop was the Father rejoicing in seeing His children bringing the reign of the Kingdom to earth. Psalm 126:5-6 says; "They who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who goes forth bearing seed and weeping shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him!" Jesus wept in the garden with great tears and agony. But He did it for the joy that was set before Him. He interceded for us sowing in tears knowing that His weeping would bring forth great seed of Kingdom harvest. For the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross! We are His joy. God is now reaping the very thing Jesus sowed in seed form for us in the garden which is His offspring doing the very works of the Kingdom of God. Jesus shed His blood for this very reason and the Father is overjoyed in seeing His children bringing back sheaves of harvest and generating fruit born out of His suffering. It is the Fathers good pleasure to give us the Kingdom... Bob said he hadn't seen the golden tear drop in 40 years. The return of the Glory of the Lord is at hand. Its time for the church (who has been asleep for 38 years) to make a bee-line these next 2 years for the promised land! Remember Israel wandered 38 years in the desert and the last 2 years they entered into their inheritance. These next 2 years are critical for the Body of Christ. It's critical that we wake up and possess the land. We must move forward into the purposes of God and fully access all that rightfully belongs to us as inheritors of the promises of God.

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