Ohio is Key to 2004 Election

October 20, 2004 Today we stand at a crossroads in our nation. It is unarguably a defining moment in our country as we decide the office of the next president of the United States. Because the stakes are so high and the contrast between George W. Bush and John Kerry so obvious, it's necessary that we fully understand the ramifications of this election. This is not about politics or political parties; it is about where we stand as a nation under God. I simply want to get right to the heart of the issues. It has been clear for some time now that Ohio plays a significant roll in the direct outcome of this election. Amos 3:7 says "Surely the Sovereign Lord will do nothing without first revealing His secrets (plans) to His servants the prophets"! I will go into more detail later on this subject, but the Lord has said "That as Florida was to the out come of the election in 2000, so will Ohio be significant in 2004"! This is the reason for writing those of you in the Midwest. Righteousness and Justice are the very foundation of the throne of God (Psalm 97:2). This nation was built upon righteousness and justice and now the very core of our freedom is being threatened.

God is neither Republican nor Democratic and He does not play favorites. He stands alone above all governments and nations of men with Kingdom authority. The question is; Will we have a nation governed by the laws of God or the convenient liberal compromise of human institution? The issues we are facing between the two candidates running for office have never been clearer. God is calling us to be like the Sons of Issachar and "be a people who have understanding of the times to know what Israel (America) ought to do. (1 Chronicles 12:32) As Christians in America we must weigh carefully the issues at stake during this presidential election. The next President of the United States of America will decide the fate of legalized abortion and whether millions of innocent lives will continue to be taken in our country. John Kerry has made public where he stands. He states that even though the Catholic Church strongly opposes his pro-abortion stand, he will in fact appoint only judges that will support abortion and not overturn "Roe verses Wade". President George Bush has also tipped his hand taking a strong pro-life stand. He states that "All life is precious before God and must be respected, protected and preserved!."

Through legalized abortion, over 40 million American babies have been slaughtered in the womb since 1973, yet the church still votes for those in government who sanction such atrocities because it's more politically correct to vote along "party line convictions". Through our votes we can begin to turn the mounting tide of evil against our land and again make the decision to stand for righteousness and justice. Recognizing the fragile disposition our country is facing, pro-abortion and gay rights activists have mobilized a massive campaign to defeat President Bush and have positioned themselves strongly behind a potential leader who will advance their agendas. They are confident in their choice, since he has the most liberal voting record of anyone in the senate; more liberal that Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton on all issues. This man is John Kerry. It is clear that the influence of a Supreme Court judge far outlasts the very president who would appoint them.

The outcome of November 2 will decide the judicial future of America for decades to come, not only in the Supreme Court: but also with the appointment of federal judges. - Chief Justice Rehnquist, appointed 32 years ago by Nixon, in now 80. - Justice Stevens, appointed 29 years ago by Ford, is 84 years old. - Justice O'Connor appointed 23 years ago by Reagan, 74 years old. - Justice Ginsburg, appointed 11 years ago by Clinton is 71 years old. Any of these Justices could vacate their seats during the next 4 years. Dr James Dobson was recently asked in a television interview with Fox news what the most important issue was to him concerning this election. He stated "Yes, gay rights and the abortion issues are huge, but the thing that concerns me most are the Supreme court seats that will more than likely become available in the next 4 years. The appointments of these seats by the next president of the United States will ultimately decide the moral direction of our nation. This presidential term will ultimately decide the moral fate of our country!"

As the church we cannot afford to be silent anymore. It's simply not enough for us to merely vote across party lines. There is too much at stake. We are literally wrestling for the "Soul of our Nation". Perhaps the greatest sin of the present church in