Pressing Through the Veil into the Cloud of His Presence 1

From the beginning of time man was born with the unquenchable desire to know God and to be known by God. This awareness is not learned or taught but rather is an instinctive hunger deep seeded within the heart of man by God. There has been a veil placed over the hearts and minds of humanity and it is crucial that we wrestle past it through repentance in order to encounter the living God.

It's normal for us to desire to see the face of God. Moses talked with God face to face Exodus 33:11. After seeing and speaking with God face to face Moses asked "show me Your glory" Exodus 33:18. When God makes Himself known to us in the congregation it can at times seem awkward or strange because like the children of Israel we're not acquainted with "His Ways." Manifestations of the Spirit in the congregation during worship tend to be uncomfortable for many. As the Lord begins to move supernaturally in our midst even the most spiritually mature have a tendency to become unsettled. The experience in many ways seems to be more "wacky" than not. I've often wondered why God just didn't reveal Himself in a more "palatable" way that doesn't offend so much. As I sought the Lord on this issue I found more evidence of God's desire to reveal Himself to us as "Friend", and not just a mere "manifestation". He will only reveal Himself to the degree we are able or even willing to see Him!

It's accurate to say that if God were to allow us to see His full nature we wouldn't be able to handle it and in turn He would have to judge us on the level of understanding and revelation that we have. His mercy and love toward us cannot allow this to happen!

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit of God are merely an evidence of Gods presence and power reaching toward us. His face is constantly being revealed in and through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. If we're willing to look for Him in the outpouring of His Spirit, He can then begin to wonderfully reveal Himself to us in ways far beyond our experience and understanding!


Throughout the Old Testament God spoke of a day that we would be able to see a more perfect image or picture of who He is. Neither will I hide My face any more then from them, when I have poured out My Spirit upon the house of Israel, says the Lord God. EZEKIEL 39:29 It has always been God's desire is to make Himself known to us. I said it earlier, and will say again, that God will only reveal Himself to the degree that we are willingly to open ourselves to know Him. To the degree that we are willing to come after Him will be the degree that He is able to allow us to see Him!!