The Five Angels and Five Highways of Revival

While ministering in San Diego recently, the Lord revealed to me five angels that have been released in North America to bring revival fires to key cities. These five angels will be moving along five key highways that crisscross the United States. These highways will be known as Revival Highways. Bob Jones had a visitation several years ago from an angel named Breakthrough Revival. This angel had 11 other resurrection angels with him and he told Bob he had been sent to the states to prepare America for the greatest revival she had ever seen. This angel told Bob that he had previously been assigned to a man by the name of Benson Idahosa from Nigeria but he had now come to the states. This angel said that stadiums would not be able to hold the masses of people and they would have to go to the open fields. The angel said to Bob, "Tell the people three words, 'MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!' We'll be moving with those that move in the things of God."

The angels of God are looking for the sons and daughters of the Kingdom to start decreeing and moving in faith. As we begin to speak as God's authority or Oracles on the earth, all of heaven will come to back our words. The angels are being released to facilitate the will of God on the earth.

The angels that have been released are Breakthrough Revival, Winds of Change, Healing Revival, Great Grace, and Wisdom. I've encountered each of these angels over the past few years in key meetings as we've ministered and brought a powerful release of revelation, miracles, signs, and wonders. Each time I've seen them, it's been in meetings located directly off of major interstates and intersections in North America. The five main revival highways are not exclusive in themselves as revival fires will burn all across the United States, but the places I've seen these angels move have been off of these key highways:

1. Interstate 5 runs along the west coast from San Diego to Canada. I saw major explosions of the glory of God and revival fires burning in San Diego, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Fullerton, Pasadena, and all throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding regions. Stockton, Sacramento, Redding, into Medford, Grants Pass, Eugene, and Portland, Oregon, and into Vancouver and Seattle, Washington, and also Vancouver, B.C. Last year while ministering in Grants Pass, Oregon, I saw the angel Winds of Change moving up and down the I-5. This angel was the angel that sparked revival in Lakeland just a few months after it was with me in Grants Pass.

2. I then saw Interstate 95 on the East coast running from Maine to Miami pelted with fires of revival. The cities that stood out were Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Savannah, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, and all throughout New York City. New Haven, Connecticut, and Providence, Rhode Island. I saw a massive fire in Boston on the Cross Roads of the east where 90 and 95 meet. Last year I had a visitation from the Lord Himself in January as we were starting off the year at the Boston Cross Roads Glory conference. The Lord came to me during the worship service and handed me two stones, one red and the other green. He said to me, "Jeff, this natio