The Sanctified Imagination

Websters : 1. The power of the mind to form a mental image or concept of something that is unreal or not present. b. Such power of the mind used creatively. To see in the mind and bring it into present reality!

Websters: i.mag.ine. 1. To form a mental image or picture of 2. To think : suppose 3. To have a notion without "tangable" (touchable) foundation.

What we're going to be talking about in this segment is that God has created us to be thinking visionary, imaginative type people with the ability to be able to "call things that are not as though they are" through the means of something we call "SANCTIFIED IMAGINATION." As stated above, the word "IMAGINATION" according to Websters dictionary states "Imagination is the power of the mind to form a mental image or concept of something that is unreal or not yet present."

God has created us in His image according to Genesis so we could be like Him in the aspect of creating and bringing into existence like He does! God has given us the power to create. Not just through pro -creation in having children, but in many different ways artistically and visually. In order to bring something into being we must first see it visually from beginning to end and then bring it to pass. This imaginative process has been given to us by God to be used with faith in birthing His purposes. God has made man inventive and creative like Himself. Every physical item you see around you from a clock to a picture frame had to have a certain amount of imagination and creative ability to bring it about. The artist had "envision" his or her product to the end result by though and theory and bring it into present reality!

The Power to Envision

Many of us have been taught to believe that anything to do with the using of our imagination is "New Age" and that its something that the occult uses to advance the kingdom of darkness! I say the New Agers and the Occult stole something very precious from the Kingdom of God and the saints and have perverted it to the point that we are afraid to come near it. Its time we take the power to "ENVISION" back. Its time we start using what God has given us to reek havoc on the kingdom of darkness!

It is God (Romans 4:7) Who speaks of the nonexistent things as if they already existed! There is a direct correlation between what we think and calling things into being!

Prov 23:7-As a man thinks in his heart "so he is."