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Tri-City Vision

Vision for the Fox Valley: On the way into Wisconsin, I had a vision of a triangle. It looked like a tornado, in other words, longer than it was wide. I felt like each point of the triangle was a place in Wisconsin. Jeff immediately knew where the points were. The left upper point was Waupaca. The right upper point was Green Bay area. The lower point was Milwaukee. The Fox Valley was right in the middle of the triangle. We got a map when we arrived in town and looked. We traced from each significant point and the triangle looked exactly as I had seen it. I knew God had more to say on this, so I went into prayer and ask Him. He said each point represented a Church in Revelation, with that particular spirit operating predominantly in each area. The Lord said the left upper corner or Waupaca was the Church at Pergamum and struggled with the Nicolatian Spirit. The right upper corner was the Church at Laodicea, and I heard Him say, "Having a form of Godliness, but denying the power." I also heard "lukewarm spirit." The bottom point was the Church at Sardis. I heard "spiritual death", "spirit of lethargy" and a "deaf and dumb spirit."

Please read about each Church in Revelation for more insight. I then saw the triangle as a tornado and the Lord said the Fox Valley was in the eye of the tornado. I then saw the winds whirling coming to a point in the center. The winds turned into waters that were draining into the center. The Lord said that the waters had been flowing into the valley from these regions for a long time. This is a mixture of all the spirits the three churches were struggling with. I heard "multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision."

Then, the Lord lead me to Joel 3:14. That entire chapter is pertinent to the Fox Valley. I heard, "I'm changing them from the Valley of Jehosaphat, or the valley of judgement to the Valley of Shittem, (verse 18) where the hills overflowed with milk and the brooks and riverbeds flowed with water to water the valley, (also Isaiah 55:1-5). There is reference in Joel 3 to Amos 9:13, whichI felt was also for the Fox Valley. Then, I was lead to Ezekiel 47:1-12. The Lord is going to water the valleys with his rains and sweet wine, the new wine, for this new thing He is doing.

Then as I looked I saw a huge umbrella over the Fox Valley. I felt this was an umbrella of protection from the opposing spirits that would try to come against this new move of God. But, it is imperative that this new move be an operation based and founded in love, humility and that the agenda be God's, and not man's. It may not look like anyone has expected, but the Lord is the head of it, and it will come to maturity.

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